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Horizon Zero Dawn features a world inhabited by sentient machines, mostly created by Project Zero Dawn's artificial intelligence, GAIA, to rejuvenate the earth after the cataclysmic FARO Plague. Resembling the planet's former wildlife, the different machine types have a distinct appearance, role and personality. This series takes a look at them all with a single virtual portrait of each.

On the face of it, they're just machines...

Previous entries in the series covered machines from the PSI and SIGMA Cauldrons, ranging from the iconic Watchers to the combat specialised Sawtooth. This time, it's a look at the highly diverse machines from the RHO Cauldron.



Class: Reconnaissance | Origin: GAIA / HEPHAESTUS | Mountable: No

Weakness: Shock | Strength: n/a

Loot: Echo Shell, Medium Machine Core, Luminous Braiding, Longleg Lens, Longleg Heart

Much like Watchers, the Longleg serves as a lookout and can be observed patrolling a predictable path around other machines. However, modified by HEPHAESTUS with radar scanning and concussive sonic blast abilities, this flightless bird is quick to detect you and poses a much more significant threat.

"A deafening sonic blast attack, powerful jump jets and an alarm call make it a tricky opponent"


Class: Acquisition - Terraform | Origin: GAIA | Mountable: No Weakness: Freeze | Strength: Fire

Loot: Metal Vessel, Medium Machine Core, Luminous Braiding, Trample Lens, Trample Heart

Found in herds, these bull-like machines spend their time grazing across open planes while reprocessing the soil and rock beneath. Larger in size than most other terraforming machines and without guarding combat units, the Trampler responds aggressively to danger, charging at speed and making for some exciting opportunities to capture its purposeful stance and impressive horns.

"When threatened, it will run in circles around its target while using explosive fire attacks"


Class: Acquisition - Transport | Origin: GAIA | Mountable: No

Weakness: n/a | Strength: Shock

Loot: Metal Vessel, Medium Machine Core, Luminous Braiding, Shell-Walker Lens, Shell-Walker Heart

With its unique appearance as the only six-legged machine, the Shell-Walker's primary function is the transport of resources in the large and lootable container on its back. Most often found in convoy, these machines will break formation to defend their cargo using a large energy shield but tend not to stray too far from their original route.

"Prioritises protecting its cargo above all else, utilising its energy shield and ranged shock attacks"


Class: Acquisition - Purify | Origin: GAIA | Mountable: No

Weakness: Fire | Strength: Freeze

Loot: Chill Water, Blaze, Medium Machine Core, Luminous Braiding, Snapmaw Lens, Snapmaw Heart

The crocodilian Snapmaw is the only machine to responsible for the detoxification of water. This adept swimmer can usually be seen partially submerged in lakes with just its head and solar panel-lined back remaining above the water. Lure it onto the land to get a full view of its impressive size and deadly snapping jaws.

"Able to engage on land and water, its bulk belies the speed of its distance-closing lunge attacks"


Class: Combat | Origin: HEPHAESTUS | Mountable: No

Weakness: Fire | Strength: Shock

Loot: Chill Water, Medium Machine Core, Luminous Braiding, Ravager Lens, Ravaged Heart

Like the similar Sawtooth, this combat machine was created by HEPHAESTUS purely to be hostile towards perceived threats and does not tolerate human presence. Attacking in groups once alerted, the Ravager is swift and devastating thanks to a pulse cannon mounted on the back of it well-armoured body.

"Rapid combat machine, lightning-fast up close and with a mounted gun for ranged engagement"

That's all for the RHO Cauldron machines, next time it's a look at the XI Cauldron with the first flying machine and the exceptional stealth of the Stalker.


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