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Horizon Zero Dawn features a world inhabited by sentient machines, mostly created by Project Zero Dawn's artificial intelligence, GAIA, to rejuvenate the earth after the cataclysmic FARO Plague. Resembling the planet's former wildlife, the different machine types have a distinct appearance, role and personality. This series takes a look at them all with a single virtual portrait of each.

On the face of it, they're just machines...

Part 1 covered the machines from the PSI Cauldron, including the iconic Watchers and each of the three mountable machines. This time it's the turn of the SIGMA machines and with them, the first of the combat specialised beasts.



Class: Acquisition - Terraform | Origin: GAIA | Mountable: No

Weakness: n/a | Strength: n/a

Loot: Blaze, Small Machine Core, Grazer Lens, Grazer Heart

Spending much of their time digging with their heads down, Grazers are often oblivious to your approach for easy close-up opportunities. Make too much noise though and these nervous deer-like creatures will be startled and run away, along with your chance to photograph them.

"Generally flees when spooked but capable of a gouging attack with its horns before running"


Class: Acquisition - Recycle | Origin: GAIA | Mountable: No Weakness: n/a | Strength: n/a

Loot: Metal Vessel, Small Machine Core, Scrapper Lens, Scrapper Heart

Always found in small packs, the hyena of Horizon Zero Dawn may not be the most photogenic but is full of character with bounding actions and cackling sounds. Scrappers will actively find and strip other downed machines for parts, use this to your advantage but beware of their scanning ability and laser weaponry.

"A scavenger that can utilise its cutting maw and laser to put up a formidable defence"


Class: Acquisition - Purify | Origin: GAIA | Mountable: No

Weakness: n/a | Strength: n/a

Loot: Chill Water, Metal Vessel, Small Machine Core, Lancehorn Lens, Lancehorn Heart

Much like the Grazer, Lancehorns are often found using their distinctive drill-like horns and can be approached unseen with relative ease. However, these machines are easily alerted and far more aggressive, attacking to drive away a perceived threat before running themselves.

"Agile and confident when provoked into combat, its large drilling horns can cause severe damage"


Class: Combat | Origin: HEPHAESTUS | Mountable: No

Weakness: Fire | Strength: n/a

Loot: Blaze, Medium Machine Core, Luminous Braiding, Sawtooth Lens, Sawtooth Heart

The first combat specialist created by HEPHAESTUS to attack humans, the Sawtooth is as awe inspiring as it is dangerous with a distinctive sound and sabre-toothed appearance. Usually found on guard patrol, these machines are drawn to the noise of a battle and will not hesitate to join the fight with a deadly array of melee attacks.

"An aggressive machine, quick to close the distance to targets and engage with melee combat"

That's all for the SIGMA Cauldron machines, next time it's the turn of the RHO Cauldron, origin of the Longleg, Shell-Walker and crocodilian Snapmaw.


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