Welcome to TheFourthFocus, a website dedicated to the modern artistic medium of virtual photography. Here you'll find image galleries with free 4K downloads as well as feature articles, guides and in-depth photo mode reviews to help you get the best out of your own creativity. Don't forget to check back on the Competitions page for chances to win great loot from the games you love.

Also known as game photography or capture art, virtual photography is an extension of the wonderful art of video game design and allows users to explore virtual worlds to compose and capture unique photographic pieces through the use of fully featured camera tools and photo modes.


From stunning landscape to intimate portrait, candid street to abstract architecture or historical to sci-fi fantasy, there is a genre for every artist; all you need is a little inspiration...

Horizon Zero Dawn Landscape
Hellblade Portrait

All images on TheFourthFocus were captured on a Sony PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.


My name is Michael, Mik for short. I am a virtual photographer & capture artist based in Lancaster (UK) and am the owner and writer of TheFourthFocus.com.


As a life-long gamer with early memories of classic Atari titles and my beloved Amiga 500+, as well as a self-taught amateur photographer with over 15 years experience, there was a certain inevitability that my interests would collide with a common desire to capture interesting images which inspire others.

Through TheFourthFocus, I hope to share my knowledge and experience with virtual photography guides and in-depth photo mode reviews and have worked closely with game studios such as Sony XDev and Santa Monica Studio to successfully deliver community-based events.


You can follow my work here and also on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. If you'd like to learn a little more about how I got here then check out my blog: A Road to Virtual Photography



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