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As new photo modes and community themes arrive all the time, the art of virtual photography just keeps growing with ever increasing sources of inspiration for your latest piece of digital capture art. While we all love seeing new work, it is also important not to neglect your back catalogue and, like any piece of art, your virtual photographs deserve more than one chance to be seen.

Starting on Sunday 18th August, the Virtual Photography Archive Hour is a new showcase event from TheFourthFocus designed to celebrate work from your existing portfolio and encourage you to bring shots out of the archives, as well as to share the work of others, for a new audience to see.

Whether a particular favourite piece, something that went unnoticed, or just a random selection, share your work on Twitter using the hashtag below during either of the two weekly time slots to have it retweeted and join the virtual photography community in revisiting their lost shots.


❓ You may also notice a question posed on the starting post; this is intended to give you something to think about so feel free to respond in the comments, sharing images relevant or just doing your own thing...all are welcome.


For a more detailed look at the benefits of revisiting your older work, check out my post on Recycling Disposable Art.

the power of your existing work to inspire yourself and others should never be overlooked

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