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UPDATE: and the winners are...

After a long deliberation (and an unavoidable delay at my end, sorry about that), the judges decisions have been made. With over 1,000 images received and a truly high quality throughout, it has been a very difficult decision but three shots managed to rise to the top.

By showing great creativity and execution, capturing the essence of speed and conveying the thrill of anti-gravity racing, the winners are...🥁

Congratulations to each of you and thank you to everyone who took part, it has been great to see so much enthusiasm for the game and there were many other shots that could have been worthy winners.

Finally a huge thank you to Sony XDev Europe for supporting this contest and providing some really astonishing prizes and of course to Yewone for his invaluable inspiration and judging input.

I hope you all enjoyed the contest, until next time everyone... 😃👍


UPDATE: a prize just got better...

As though the limited edition vinyl record & art book weren't already cool enough, I'm excited to confirm that the winner will also be given the option to have these signed! Not only by people behind WipEout Omega Collection... but by key creators of WipEout games over the last 25 years! This prize will be a piece of history going right back to the PlayStation original. Good luck everyone!


As one of the most recognisable video game franchises in racing, WipEout is full of futuristic style and, thanks to the brains at Clever Beans & EPOS Game Studio, has never looked or played better than it does in WipEout Omega Collection on PS4. With a photo mode also returning, it's a great chance to step back from the action and capture some exhilarating shots... but if cool images are not enough of a reason, how about some sweet, sweet loot?

It gives me great pleasure then to work with Sony XDev Europe and Yewone to bring you a new WipEout photo mode contest. Starting on Friday 30th August, you'll be invited to submit your shots captured using the WipEout Omega Collection photo mode for a chance to win some fantastic prizes, including an amazing limited edition vinyl record & art book, Feisar Racing Team jackets and a model Ag-Systems ship!

Finalists will be chosen by the team at Sony XDev Europe with 3 winners selected with the help of special guest judge and WipEout aficionado, Yewone (a.k.a. Phil Turner). There's no limit on the types of shot you can enter so, get creative and have fun out there. For a little extra inspiration, be sure to check out Phil's fantastic flickr page and don't forget my recent Photo Mode Review for a few hints and tips.

Contest Information:

Submit your entries on twitter using the hashtag below:

  • Unlimited entries per person

  • Entries close 15th Sept 23:59 BST

  • Open to all territories

  • Finalists will be chosen by Sony XDev Europe

  • 3 winners chosen from the finalists by TheFourthFocus and Yewone

  • 🥇 - Limited Edition WipEout vinyl record & art book plus a Feisar Racing Team Jacket (courtesy of Sony XDev)

  • 🥈 - Feisar Racing Team Jacket (courtesy of Sony XDev)

  • 🥉 - WipEout Ag-Systems Totaku model ship (courtesy of

Good luck and we can't wait to see what you come up with,


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