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ℹ️ Atomic Heart Photo Contest

Developer: Mundfish

Publisher: Focus Entertainment 

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox X|S

Initial Release: 21st February 2023


Update - Winners Announced

After collating all of the entries, the judges have decided the winners of both the Atomic Photo and Limbo Shot categories. Check them out below along some of my thoughts on each, plus a small selection of honourable mentions that also caught my eye.



I love this shot; the fact that it's a robot overlooking what appear to be greenhouse / biome spheres tells a story, one of artificial life pondering over the creation of life itself. The low contrast & muted colours also work well to create the overall atmosphere.



This has an interesting juxtaposition of it being composed like a fairly regular portrait but of course we have the almost grotesque appearance of this open face. Rather than being disgusting though, it gives an insight into the inner workings of the "machine behind the mask".




This is a fun and colourful shot that really captures the feeling of the Limbo world. The composition is an interesting overhead portrait, and the skeleton seems to be giving us a bit of a cheeky smile with his head cocked just to one side.


The bombing scene from the first Limbo sequence was a popular one in this contest, though I think this shot captured it in the most interesting way. Not focusing only on the aircraft or the bizarre setting, it feels like there is some underlying commentary here as a skeleton watches on from a playground-like area and shakes a fist as the bombs fall and mushroom cloud rises.



A clever shot that works entirely because it is flipped upside down to give the impression that he is clinging to the ceiling like something from a horror movie. Helped also by the fact that the photographer made sure to get the eyeline coming towards the camera.


It's hard to know exactly what to say about this but I just know that I really like it as an image. It's as though the dummy in the foreground is relaxing in a pool but this is totally at odds with the surreal surroundings that it is set against in the background.


I don't know if you've ever been chased by a goose – I have – and this pretty much captures the moment! You know that this goose has only one thing on its mind, and it makes you want to run away (maybe also because it's a bit cruel to give it a quick kick in retaliation).

by NEONOV3808

Is this the very definition of "henpecked"? Maybe, maybe not but it's still a fun shot and one that works really well in black & white with added film grain. It's just the fact that the hen's foot isn't in contact with the man's chest that lets it down for me.



Everybody loves a video game artbook – don't even try to deny it – so what could be better than winning a 256-page book filled with art, concepts and graphic design from the alternate history shooter, Atomic Heart, from Mundfish?

Well, how about winning a copy of that 256-page book that has been signed by members of the development team, along with an exclusive metal poster and 500-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring art from the game.

Atomic Heart Photo Contest Prizes


That's exactly what Mundfish are giving away in their latest Atomic Heart Photo Contest and all you need to do to be in with a chance is to add some of your shots from the game to this social media thread.

Full contest details below...


Coinciding with the release of the game's 2nd DLC expansion, Trapped in Limbo, this is a contest that encourages you to experience and capture the radical contrast between the regular game world and the fantastical Limbo dimension.

Whether you prefer the realistic post-war aesthetic and iconic visual style of the main game, or the eclectic and colourful madness of Limbo, this has got you covered because there are prizes for both. Oh yeah, and I also have the privilege of helping to choose the winners as part of the contest judging panel.


Contest Details

Submit your entries by replying to the official contest thread on

  • Entries accepted in two categories

  • Category 1 – Atomic Photo Showing content from the regular game world in the base game and 1st DLC

  • Category 2 – Limbo Shot Showing content from the Limbo world in sections of the base game and the 2nd DLC

  • Up to 4 entries per person, per category Total of 8 entries per person

  • Entries close 22nd Feb 2024, 17:00 CET

  • Entered images must be captured in-game. The use of external photo or graphic editors is allowed

  • Winners selected by jury including Artem Galeev (Mundfish founder and Art Director) and Mik Bromley (creator of TheFourthFocus).

Full contest rules and T&Cs can be viewed at


1st place winners in each category shall receive:

  • Signed 256-page Atomic Heart artbook

  • Atomic Heart metal poster

  • Atomic Heart 500-piece jigsaw puzzle

2nd place runners-up in each category shall receive:

  • TBC

3rdd place runners-up in each category shall receive:

  • Discord Nitro subscription / Steam gift card

Atomic Heart Photo Contest


The Trapped in Limbo DLC is out now and available to buy separately or as part of the Atomic Pass which includes all current and future content. Whether you get stuck in Limbo or no, I wish you all the best of luck and can't wait to see your entries...

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