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Every week, the Virtual Photography Archive Hour invites you to revisit your virtual photography archives as a great way to reach new audiences, rediscover past inspirations and even learn from mistakes. Featured below are a selection of the entries shared over the past month.


Title: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Theme: SUMMER

Developer: CD PROJEKT RED | Publisher: CD PROJEKT | Initial Release: 19th May 2015

As it sets in the background, the low summer sun plays an important role here by creating an ominous atmosphere of a place that is about to get pretty scary, for obvious reason. Before that precious light fades though, you get a moment to appreciate how its rays pick out a tall flowering plant to add a splash of colour interest.


Title: Star Citizen | Theme: BOOM

Developer: Cloud Imperium Games | Publisher: Cloud Imperium Games | Initial Release: Ongoing Alpha

Space can be a dangerous place, but simultaneously quite a spectacular one as this capture so effectively proves. Surprise, surprise...I love the wide format here, but also enjoy the dynamic positioning of the space craft within the shot as it hurtles towards a scene of apocalyptic destruction in the distance.


Title: Cyberpunk 2077 | Theme: NPCs

Developer: CD PROJEKT RED | Publisher: CD PROJEKT | Initial Release: 10th December 2020

This close-up of a pair of beautiful eyes peering straight into the camera has more to it than you may first think, and I don't just mean that nicely textured fingernail. With the hooded subject's face illuminated only by the screen-glow of a smartphone, there is a narrative here that we are perhaps lucky to have attracted her attention at all.


Title: Abzu, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ghostrunner | Theme: SUMMER

Developer: Various | Publisher: Various | Initial Release: Various

Occasionally a submission comes in where the set is greater than the sum of its parts, and this is a perfect example. While the individual images are indeed beautiful in their own right, it is the way that their colour palettes compliment each other perfectly that makes for a really enjoyable viewing. What's more, this is done with shots from three separate games.


Title: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown | Theme: BOOM

Developer: Bandai Namco Studios | Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment | Initial Release: 18th Jan 2019

With its intense flame and deep black billowing clouds, the fireball and smoke in this shot have a tactile depth that makes the fighter jet and ill-fated bomber on the receiving end of its firepower become almost secondary interests. I'm sure the aircrew would disagree though.


Title: Red Dead Redemption 2 | Theme: SUMMER

Developer: Rockstar Studios | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Initial Release: 26th October 2018

As a bunch of workers busy themselves unloading carts in the background of this grainy sepia scene, one quite well-dressed gentleman sits and plays his guitar without a care. What I particularly like is the sense of detachment he has from the busy life of others as the evening shadows creep in.


Title: Cyberpunk 2077 | Theme: NPCs

Developer: CD PROJEKT RED | Publisher: CD PROJEKT | Initial Release: 10th December 2020

The juxtaposition of something as antiquated as a cigarette and the ultra-modern heads-up display perfectly captures the essence of Cyberpunk in one image. The use of a single colour against an otherwise greyscale subject is a great choice to really emphasis the details of both as a feature.


Title: Assassin's Creed Valhalla | Theme: FOXY

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Publisher: Ubisoft | Initial Release: 10th November 2020

With a dominant expanse of white snow, this shot uses simplicity of colour and a top-down aerial view to excellent effect. Breaking into the frosty negative space with imperfectly white fur and shiny black nose, the artic fox is outlined by the disturbed snow of its tracks that would likely not be visible from ground level.


Title: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales | Theme: NPCs

Developer: Insomniac Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 12th Nov 2020

It takes a certain amount of courage to leave the main subjects of an image completely out of focus, but that is exactly what we see here. With the point of focus pulled back close to the camera, the two figures standing on a street corner are defocused along with the background in a scene that even starts to evoke the feeling of an alien encounter as the imagination takes over.


Revisit your archives and share some lost shots on Twitter every Sunday. Look out for the #VPArchiveHour theme post and simply reply with something from your existing archives for a chance to feature in next month's post.


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