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Since its initial launch in August 2019, the VP Archive Hour has given people a regular place to revisit their virtual photography archives and re-share their work. Returning to your existing shots is not only a great way to rediscover past inspirations, learn from mistakes and even find the odd new appreciation, but it also gives the art the chance to be seen by new audiences.

As a firm believer that digital art should not be disposable, I would like the Archive Hour to put more emphasis on that last point and help new people to discover it each week. To do that, I am making a few changes to the weekly format and hope to help more people discover the shots you share.

The most important change is regarding how you enter. Rather than each Archive Hour being a call for posts using the shared hashtag, it will now simply ask you to add your chosen shots as a reply below a single Twitter post. This post will also announce the weekly theme and look something like the one below.

Why make this change? Well, it really comes down to the inner workings of social media algorithms. By grouping posts only with a shared hashtag, the entries become scattered with some of them reaching audiences and others struggling to be seen. With all weekly contributions together in one place as part of a threaded post, each reply will help to boost the visibility of all others, grabbing more attention and ultimately benefiting everyone who joins in.

In addition to this, there will no longer be a cut-off time for people to enter each week. No matter where in the world you are, it should now become easier and more convenient to revisit your lost shots.

One thing that will not be changing though is the monthly feature post. Hosted here on, I will pick out a curated selection of your entries each month and showcase them along with a short insight into how I felt about each shot. Check out the recent feature below...

The new format will roll out for tomorrow's VP Archive Hour on the 28th March. Look out for the new-style post with a single theme image, and then simply revisit your lost shots and drop them in as a reply.


  • Look out for the weekly #VPArchiveHour theme on Twitter

  • Drop your archived shots in as a reply

  • Every Sunday

  • Selected entries curated for a monthly feature on


For a more detailed look at the benefits of revisiting your older work, check out my post on Recycling Disposable Art.

the power of your existing work to inspire yourself and others should never be overlooked

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