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Every week, the Virtual Photography Archive Hour invites you to revisit your virtual photography archives as a great way to reach new audiences, rediscover past inspirations and even learn from mistakes. Featured below are a selection of the entries shared over the past month.


Title: Control | Developer: Remedy Entertainment | Publisher: 505 Games | Initial Release: 27th Aug 2019

Two key factors in any shot are lighting and the subject, and this images cleverly combines the two as the static showing on an old CRT illuminates the otherwise dark scene.


Title: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales | Developer:Insomniac Games | Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 12th November 2020

This may look like a typical Spider-Man shot in many ways with typical hallmarks like great light and outstanding texture detail, but what stood out to me were the tassels on Miles' hoodie are floating up. Being Spider-Man, it's not like he would simply be walking around the streets now is it...


Title: Horizon Zero Dawn | Developer: Guerrilla Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 28th Feb 2017

This shot takes advantage of some beautiful light to pick out the fine details of the Vanasha's purple Carja silk and intricate stitching. You probably don't remember the name of this minor NPC, but here is a great reminder of just how much detail there is to enjoy in a game such as HZD


Title: God of War | Developer: Santa Monica Studio | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 20th Apr 2018

As you view Modi leaping across the shot with electrified mace in hand, it would be easy to assume that the backdrop is just some scenery. In true God of War fashion though, the sight of a huge eye shows that it is in fact the body of a fallen giant; great double-subject composition.


Title: Assassin's Creed Valhalla | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Publisher: Ubisoft | Initial Release: 10th November 2020

Where to start?! If the wonderfully captured "accidental crab walk" and unspeakable leg position aren't enough, then this shot also has a great false perspective that looks like a huge central character is reaching for the hand of a tiny combatant on the left. Which did you see first?


Title: Red Dead Redemption 2 | Developer: Rockstar Studios | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Initial Release: 26th October 2018

Some captures are all about the timing and it doesn't get much better that catching lightning. Ok it does get better, but only when you manage to frame the lightning perfectly within an arched rock formation as your character looks on from a horse.


Title: Warframe | Developer:Digital Extremes | Publisher:Digital Extremes | Initial Release: 25th March 2013

Less is indeed often more. I love how this shot uses just a single hand and forearm as the subject, set against an ethereal backdrop but also gnarled and almost painful in form. Bonus points for anyone who can tell which frame it is...


Title: Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Developer: Eidos-Montréal | Publisher: Square Enix | Initial Release: 14th September 2018

Walls lined with crosses and a floor strewn with skulls and bones, the creepiness of this dark tunnel is relieved only by the symbolic light at the end of it. A light that serves to lead you through the image but not before having a look around at the unsettling surroundings.


Title: Ghost of Tsushima | Developer: Sucker Punch | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 17th July 2020

Not quite a perfect composition as the katana handle sits a touch too high for me, but I really do like the warm sunset tones and the use of the stylised Ghost of Tsushima logo to dominate the negative space.


Revisit your archives and share some lost shots on Twitter every Sunday using the #VPArchiveHour hashtag for a chance to feature in next month's post.


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