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Since August last year, the Virtual Photography Archive Hour has been a regular showcase event designed to encourage people to revisit their virtual photography archives and to give them a place to re-share their work. Not only does this give your art the chance to reach a new audience and for you to encounter the work of others, but returning to existing work is also a great way to rediscover past inspirations, learn from mistakes or just remember a particular favourite shot.

After almost 75 VP Archive Hours in the previous twice weekly format, it is time for a refresh that will hopefully make it more memorable and easier to take part while also providing another new platform for the work you choose to share...

Rather than two separate 1 hr slots, the Archive Hour will now run in a single 2 hr window every Sunday and will end with a heads-up for the following week's inspiration theme. The change that I am most excited to reveal though, is that a new monthly feature post here on will also showcase a selection of your entries from the past 30 days. Check out the first edition now...

So, starting on Sunday 3rd May, celebrate your existing portfolio and dig into your library of shots for the new weekly VP Archive Hour. Whether it is a favourite piece, something that went unnoticed, or just a random selection, share your work on Twitter using the hashtag below and join the virtual photography community in revisiting their lost shots.


  • Tag posts using #VPArchiveHour

  • Every Sun 1 - 3 pm

  • All times are UK - What time is it for me?

  • Selected entries featured monthly on

  • 💭❓Weekly thought or question for inspiration


For a more detailed look at the benefits of revisiting your older work, check out my post on Recycling Disposable Art.

the power of your existing work to inspire yourself and others should never be overlooked

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