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Some of you may remember a regular community showcase that I used to host called the VP Archive Hour, and thank you for sticking around if you do! With both a weekly theme on social media and a monthly feature here on the blog, it was all about encouraging people to revisit their virtual photography archives and to share them again to give the shots another chance to be seen.


Like many good things though, and after 158 separate editions, the old archive hour eventually came to an end but that does not mean that the idea has gone away completely. Although there are no plans to bring back the old format, I'd like to introduce you to a new feature that will be appearing on this blog.


VP Archives - Coming Soon:

Simply titled "VP Archives", this new series of blog posts will move away from the open community call for social media posts and instead feature an individual virtual photographer in each issue. That photographer will be asked to pick out a number of shots from their existing body of work and given the chance to share them and write a little something about what those shots are and how they feel about them now.

This not only keeps alive the idea that digital art should never be disposable and always holds value, but hopefully will get people to reflect on their work, rediscover past inspirations or learn from mistakes, and even start to appreciate the progress that has been made.



How Does It Work?

The concept is simple; the featured photographer is given 5 short briefs and asked to pick out one shot for each from their back-catalogue of photo mode captures, along with a few words about them. Briefs will be short and aim to dig into what people like about their own work, what they don't like, and how things develop over time – often without even realising it.

As with any form of art, you should never overlook the importance of self-critique and honest reflection. It's a crucial part of developing your creativity and can certainly be a powerful source of inspiration for others. If nothing else though, I hope it will result in some fascinating insights into the shots that some of you have captured over the years.

"The power of your existing work to inspire yourself and others should never be overlooked..."

Keep an eye out for the first issue coming to the blog soon, and if you think you might like to become a featured virtual photographer then please do get in touch via the Contact Form or drop me a message on Twitter.

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