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2020 is a special year for Guerrilla Games' post-apocalyptic RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only does it mark three years since the launch of the inspiring open world title that has become the darling of virtual photographers everywhere, but it is also a significant year in the game's deep and interesting lore.

While Aloy may be the recognisable icon of the game, March 11th 2020 sees the "real" birth date of Elisabet Sobeck, someone equally, if not more important to the story on which the game is based. A brilliant scientist who successfully devised and implemented the Zero Dawn project in the face of the Faro Plague, which would inevitably lead to planet-wide extinction, Elisabet is ultimately responsible for preserving all life on earth.

A legacy as profound as this is certainly one worth celebrating and it is with much excitement that I am able to work with Guerrilla Games, Cook & Becker Next-Gen Art and VP Community guest judge, DpDwarf, to bring you the "Elisabet's Legacy" photo mode contest. Starting on Sunday 1st March, you are invited to submit up to 3 shots which celebrate the legacy of Elisabet Sobeck for a chance to win some fantastic prizes, including a professional print of your image, a signed copy of The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy plushies, Watcher figurines and HZD notebooks!

Your entries must be your own work and should be captured using the Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode. With a legacy as far reaching as the machines and the re-established human tribes, there is no shortage of relevant subjects; we can't wait to see how you interpret the theme.

Finalists will be chosen with the help of Guerrilla's own Anne van der Zanden, a.k.a. WLF359, as well as Aloy portrait specialist and former prize winner DpDwarf. Be sure to check out Dp's twitter feed for plenty of gorgeously inspiring shots. Three eventual winners will be selected from the finalists by none other than, Guerrilla Studio Directors Angie Smets, Jan-bart van Beek and Michiel van der Leeuw. Don't miss this chance to impress the creative minds behind the game and land some fabulous loot.

Images courtesy of DpDwarf

Contest Information:

Submit your entries on twitter or Instagram using the hashtag below:

  • Maximum 3 entries per person

  • Entries close 15th Mar 23:59 GMT

  • Open to all territories

  • Finalists will be chosen by TheFourthFocus, DpDwarf and Anne van der Zanden

  • 3 winners chosen from the finalists by the studio directors at Guerrilla Games

Good luck and we can't wait to see what you come up with,



UPDATE: The Finalists

We received over 700 entries and had some extremely tough decisions to make but, we have managed to narrow down to a set of finalists. Chosen based on their interpretation of the theme, technical execution, artistic merit and outright beauty, these were the entries that the judging panel thought best represented Elisabet's Legacy although there were many others that could have been included. Well done to everyone who entered for providing so many high quality entries to choose from, I hope you have enjoyed taking part and taken some inspiration for your work.

The remaining finalists will now be assessed by the Studio Directors at Guerrilla Games who will select three eventual winners, stay tuned...

In the meantime, if you have taken part in this or previous contests and have a little time to spare, I would appreciate any feedback that you might have to help me deliver more of what people like in future themes and contests. It's completely anonymous and should taken no more than 2-3 minutes. Thank you.


UPDATE: The Winners

After great deliberation, the judges have chosen their favourites and the results of the HZD2020contest are finally in! Capturing the beauty of Aloy & the world around her, the Elisabet's Legacy winners are...



- How do I enter?

Submit your entries on twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #HZD2020contest

- When can I enter?

Entries are open from 1st March and close on 15th March at 23:59 GMT

- I missed the deadline, can I still enter?

Entries submitted after 23:59 GMT on 15th March will not be included

- How many images can I enter?

You can enter up to 3 images; these can be in one or multiple twitter posts

- Can I withdraw my entries?

Entries may be withdrawn at any time, only those present at the time of closing will be included

- Can I enter existing shots?

There is no limit on the age of the images entered but they must be your own work and must not have been entered into previous contests

- Are edited images allowed?

Minor edits are permitted to optimise your image for viewing on different devices, however, the contest is looking for virtual photography rather than digital art

- How are the winners chosen?

Entries will be judged impartially by 2 panels of 3 judges who will choose the winners on artistic merit and interpretation of the theme

- Do I need to be an experienced virtual photographer to enter?

No, people of all skill levels are encouraged to take part

- Do I need lots of followers or "likes" to win?

Every image will be judged on merit with no regard for popularity on social media

- Can I enter someone else's image?

No, entries must be your own work. Any entries found to be plagiarised will be disqualified

- Do I need a PS4 Pro to enter?

No, images captured on any PS4 can be entered


For more on Horizon Zero Dawn including a free image download gallery:

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