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It's no secret right now that God of War Ragnarök has launched without a photo mode, or that the feature is expected to arrive in a later update. What we don't know is what that photo mode will be like, and if the delay is indeed because the team at Santa Monica Studio are building new features for their virtual camera.

Well, if the findings of game code modder @Speclizer_ are anything to go by, then we may have already been given a sneak (and admittedly underwhelming) peak at what's in store. In several screen captures and a video posted on Twitter, Speclizer has managed to access and use a photo mode that is already present in Ragnarök's code.

Now, it goes without saying that there is no guarantee that this necessarily represents the finished photo mode, and it is fair to think that the code could be carried over from God of War (2018) to serve as a test bed for new features. The fact that it still uses the red omega in the game logo rather than Ragnarök's blue version perhaps supports that, but maybe it is time to temper any expectations of a huge overhaul.

The UI is a near identical copy of the 2018 one, albeit in the opposite corner of the screen (for now) and with some updated visuals for the sliders. The 5 category tabs are also the same, as are most of the options, even down to the minimum Field of View angle of 17° and the number of facial expressions available for Kratos.

This isn't a straight forward copy & paste though, as some other changes can be seen. Vibrance and Saturation sliders have been added to the Brightness tab and Mimir has his own set of facial expressions to choose from. Not that we can see any of this in action, because they don't seem to be working work at the moment in what is clearly an unfinished photo mode.

With absolutely no way to predict how much things may or may not change by the time the studio rolls out a photo mode for Ragnarök in an official update, then this could all mean nothing or it could be a big clue about what to expect. It is safe to say that most people may be expecting more changes than are evident here though. especially given the extra wait to get their hands on it.

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