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Video podcasts are something of a popular thing these days and can be a great way to create engaging content with discussion about a particular brand or topic of interest. With the right people, they can definitely be informative and insightful, but they can also be a lot of fun and a chance to get to know the host's personalities a bit more.

As much as I have loved being a part of virtual photography as it has grown over the last few years, it does sometimes feel like there is something missing. Or maybe that should just be, something that we still don't really do as virtual photographers trying to get established.

It can often feel like we all put a lot of energy into projecting the right image and achieving certain goals, so it seemed like the time was right for a dedicated virtual photography podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously. One that can be a bit more relaxed about the whole space and hopefully something for people who share the interest to enjoy.



"Photomode UNPLUGGED"

So, after a couple of months of playing with ideas and putting something together, here it is. A brand new weekly video podcast about life in photo mode and pretty much anything and everything to do with virtual photography!

With Rúben and myself (Mik) as co-hosts, this is a laid-back show where we put the controller down and chat about whatever seems relevant at the time. Mostly managing to stay on-topic...mostly.

Your Hosts

  • Rúben (@DotPone) A virtual photographer who has worked with video game studios to promote their in-game photo modes, he is a moderator in the Santa Monica Studio Discord server, and, occasionally, a streamer.

  • Mik (@TheFourthFocus) A virtual and real-world photographer, creator of The Virtual Photography Awards, and owner of where you can find feature articles, guides & in-depth photo mode reviews.

Where To Watch

You can find Photomode UNPLUGGED on YouTube in HD video, or on Spotify in audio-only and video formats. For those of you who prefer to import episodes into a podcast app of your choice, there is also an Anchor FM RSS feed that will drop the audio-only version of the episode into your app as soon as it launches.


Episode 001 is available now with new episodes launching every weekend. If you enjoy the show, then please do like, subscribe, ring the bell and all of that stuff to support the channel, every little helps and I can't wait to see where this fun new journey takes us...

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