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Every week, the Virtual Photography Archive Hour invites you to revisit your virtual photography archives as a great way to reach new audiences, rediscover past inspirations and even learn from mistakes. Featured below are a selection of the entries shared over the past month.


Title: Driveclub | Developer: Evolution Studios | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 7th October 2014

Since its untimely demise, Driveclub will always be a perfect title for the VP Archive Hour and here's a great example of why. OK, ignoring the fact that you can detect the repeating pattern of raindrops on the door, just enjoy the beautiful detail and wet weather effects it had to offer. The excellent dynamic composition of this shot doesn't do much wrong either.

Photographer: @MostlyVp


Title: Ghost of Tsushima | Developer: Sucker Punch | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 17th July 2020

We all know how gorgeous the island of Tsushima can be, but its wildlife can sometimes be trickier to capture. This shot not only manages to catch no less that 45 birds in one go but also adds a definite sense of movement as the galloping horse scares the flock away.

Photographer: @Ixion_VII


Title: Marvel's Spider-Man | Developer: Insomniac Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 7th September 2018

This shot is all about light sources and the way that the different colours illuminate and reflect across Spider-Man's suit while contrasting nicely against the dark backdrop. Expect to see much more of this sort of opportunity when the ray-traced lighting of Spider-Man on PlayStation 5 arrives.

Photographer: @PeteyReilly


Title: Mad Max | Developer: Avalanche Studios | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 1st September 2015

There is always something fascinating about a solitary tree, even a dead one, that can make it a great photographic subject. The B&W presentation emphasises the desolation here but I can't help but feel that the elevated landscape to the right takes something away from the central subject.

Photographer: @andrewcull


Title: Fallout 4 | Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Initial Release: 10th November 2015

More than any one shot achieves alone, it is the aesthetic of this set as a whole that makes it a special entry. With a fabulous low contrast look and pastel colour palette, let this be an example of how a group of complimentary images can enhance one another.

Photographer: @soulsurrender


Title: Control | Developer: Remedy Entertainment | Publisher: 505 Games | Initial Release: 27th August 2019

The two primary colours in this shot perform very different functions, with one illuminating the texture of the stone that makes for a particularly interesting background, and the other adding definition to the character silhouette. The combined effect is simply excellent.

Photographer: @Arifu_ka


Title: The Last of Us Part II | Developer: Naughty Dog | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 19th June 2020

This grim shot really encapsulates the repulsive definition of ugly as everything from the red lighting and deep black shadows to the moist appearance of the putrid flesh give a sense of something unpleasant. If art is meant to provoke a reaction, surely this achieves that goal spectacularly.

Photographer: @ETW_RMX_VP


Title: Death Stranding | Developer: Kojima Productions | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment, 505 Games | Initial Release: 8th November 2019

It can take a degree of vision to see the potential in abstract compositions and, though the results may sometimes seem simple, they are certainly effective. In this case, these coloured strands, set against a black background, are able dominate their small space in a way they could not do in a wider image.

Photographer: @0green7


Title: Microsoft Flight Simulator | Developer: Asobo Studio | Publisher: Xbox Game Studios | Initial Release: 18th August 2020

The are landscapes, there are aerial shots, and there are images like this which combine the best of both. The vast valleys, rising hills and complex river formations go to show how a game can look when it is freed from terranean confines of a pedestrian character.

Photographer: @ChrisInSession


Revisit your archives and share some lost shots on Twitter every Sunday using the #VPArchiveHour hashtag for a chance to feature in next month's post.


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