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Every week, the Virtual Photography Archive Hour invites you to revisit your virtual photography archives as a great way to reach new audiences, rediscover past inspirations and even learn from mistakes. Featured below are a selection of the entries shared over the past month.


Title: Fallout 4 | Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Initial Release: 10th November 2015

Just one of an outstanding set of "low light" themed shots, this capture shows what can be achieved with a simple free-cam and brilliantly combines the slender but detailed crescent moon with a simple character silhouette.

Photographer: @soulsurrender


Title: Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Developer: Eidos-Montréal | Publisher: Square Enix | Initial Release: 14th September 2018

This shot of Lara Croft not only makes use of subtle diffuse reflections on her skin that help to highlight the excellently detailed character model, but the rich coloured background and pose add a sense of drama and action.

Photographer: @DOTinGames


Title: Marvel's Spider-Man | Developer: Insomniac Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 7th September 2018

A familiar Spider-Man pose that has been seen many times before but this shot jumps out from the rest with an incredibly moody, deeply saturated background that contrasts beautifully against Spidey's bright white suit.

Photographer: @DpDwarf


Title: A Plague Tale: Innocence | Developer: Asobo Studio | Publisher: Focus Home Interactive | Initial Release: 14th May 2019

With a view past the character, you are instantly drawn to the hundreds of glowing red, plague-carrying eyes, look a little longer though, and there's also some great use of depth of field here along with pleasant hexagonal bokeh to take in.

Photographer: @MindJackedJimmy


Title: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter | Developer: The Astronauts | Publisher: The Astronauts | Initial Release: 26th September 2014

This capture has many elements; negative space, frame within a frame, distant interest, volumetric light rays, you name it. Mostly though, it all comes together to make a simply stunning shot.

Photographer: @LuzentTS


Title: Days Gone | Developer: Bend Studio | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 26th April 2019

In a recent series of "journey" shots, this one from Days Gone does a particularly good job at teasing the viewer into thinking about the (broken) road ahead. Vanishing into the mist, a leading path is complimented by well balanced composition as the sky, mid and foreground share the frame perfectly.

Photographer: @shinobi_space


Title: Red Dead Redemption 2 | Developer: Rockstar Studios | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Initial Release: 26th October 2018

With the character's face hidden from view, it is his stance and weapon in hand that do the story-telling here. Composed in offset thirds within a theatrical aspect ratio and finished with a low contrast, matte look, this is my kind of shot.

Photographer: @XKardazX


Title: The Last of Us | Developer: Naughty Dog | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 14th June 2014

Portraying a wonderfully tender side to an otherwise brutal game, I had a hard time choosing just one shot from this set. They really do work best viewed together so please click through and check out the rest.

Photographer: @no_va24


Revisit your archives and share some lost shots on Twitter every Sunday using the #VPArchiveHour hashtag for a chance to feature in next month's post.


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