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The Last of Us Part II may be polarising fans and critics but there is no denying that Naughty Dog's latest title has had an impact of the world of gaming. The continuation of Joel and Ellie's story takes us on a journey of retribution and moral conflict but also focuses heavily on the differing perspectives of good and bad, making players question exactly who is right and who is wrong.

With the game's updated photo mode and technically impressive visuals, this conceptual theme seems like a perfect reason to host another virtual photography event, so it is my pleasure to announce this new The Last of Us Part II: "Perspective" photo mode contest...

a matter of perspective...

Working along side Insert Coin Clothing, local retailers GAME Lancaster & Lees Games and VP Community guest judge, Paul from TheWorldsofGaming, you are invited to submit up to 4 shots which explore the idea of "Perspective" for a chance to win some great prizes, including a £50 Voucher to spend at Insert Coin, a pair of The Last of Us posters, a rare The Last of Us Part II promotional display stand and a selection of game goodies.

Your entries must be your own work and captured using the photo mode in The Last of Us Part II. The theme is open to interpretation and can cover anything from the shifting perspective of people's actions to the more literal use of photographic perspective in your shots; we can't wait to see what you come up with.

Contest Information:

Submit your entries on twitter or Instagram using the hashtag below:

Update: The Finalists

We received over 700 entries and noticed an extremely high standard throughout, meaning there were some very tough decisions to make and a lot of excellent shots narrowly missed out on a place in the final selection. Chosen based on their interpretation of the theme, technical execution, artistic merit and outright beauty, these were the entries that the judging panel thought gave the best "Perspective" on The Last of Us Part II. Well done to everyone who entered for providing so many high quality entries to choose from, I hope you have enjoyed taking part and taken some inspiration for your work.

Update: The Winners

After great deliberation, the judges have chosen their favourites and the results of the TLoU2contest are finally in! Capturing clever perspectives, elements of fun and adding space for interpretation, the winners are...


Insert Coin - Celebrating their own 10 year anniversary this month, Insert Coin have become one of the leading purveyors of game and pop-culture themed clothing and accessories. Check out their fantastic products online, including a range of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II inspired items.

Images courtesy of Insert Coin

TheWorldsofGaming - Free lance video editor and 2D animator, Paul from TheWorldsofGaming specialises in cinematic videos created through the use of photo mode tools and in-game camera manipulation. These relaxing and immersive shorts will take you back into the games you love and make you see see them in a whole new way. Check them out on YouTube now...

Local Retailers - Big thanks go to local retailer GAME Lancaster and one of my favourite independent game shops, Lees Games for donating The Last of Us Part II prizes for this contest. Please show them some love in return for their support.


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- How do I enter?

Submit your entries on twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TLoU2contest

- When can I enter?

Entries are open from 7th July and close on 22nd July at 23:59 BST

- I missed the deadline, can I still enter?

Entries submitted after 23:59 BST on 22nd July will not be included

- How many images can I enter?

You can enter up to 4 images; these can be in one or multiple twitter posts

- Can I withdraw my entries?

Entries may be withdrawn at any time, only those present at the time of closing will be included

- Can I enter existing shots?

There is no limit on the age of the images entered but they must be your own work and must not have been entered into previous contests

- Are edited images allowed?

Minor edits are permitted to optimise your image for viewing on different devices, however, the contest is looking for virtual photography rather than digital art

- How are the winners chosen?

Entries will be judged impartially by a panel of 2 judges. Winners will be chosen on artistic merit and interpretation of the theme

- Do I need to be an experienced virtual photographer to enter?

No, people of all skill levels are encouraged to take part

- Do I need lots of followers or "likes" to win?

Every image will be judged on merit with no regard for popularity on social media

- Can I enter someone else's image?

No, entries must be your own work. Any entries found to be plagiarised will be disqualified

- Do I need a PS4 Pro to enter?

No, images captured on any PS4 can be entered


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