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Title: Days Gone

Developer: Bend Studio | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 26th Apr 2019

In 2019, Bend Studio took us on an apocalyptic tour of their very own Oregon as it played host to the sprawling open world of their biggest and arguably best game to date, Days Gone. With everything from hordes of infected Freakers and crazed cultist Rippers, to the less-than-friendly wildlife, it's safe to say that the world was not exactly welcoming, but that didn't stop people falling in love with it.


Two Years Gone:

Now two years on from launch, Days Gone still has an enthusiastic fanbase that are as loyal and dependable as Deacon's trusty Drifter bike. That is something that Bend certainly haven't forgotten about and, as a way to give something back and to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the game of the 26th April, the studio put on a whole series of celebrations and events for people to join in with.

For starters, an exclusive Q & A session with a group of the game's key actors, and the studio's own live stream play though gave fans a chance to learn more about the team. PlayStation's Share of the Week also saw a Days Gone special, and some of Bend's favourite content creators got a chance to collaborate on a huge giveaway, with 15 copies of the Days Gone Digital Deluxe Edition up for grabs through the likes of O.C.Deidre, Justins_Gaming, TheGametographers, PS5Trophies and 4PlayerPodcast.


OK, you may be thinking that all of these events are in the past, so why am I telling you now? Well, that is partly because the celebrations are far from over, and also because Days Gone is a pretty big title when it comes to virtual photography thanks to one of the most advanced photo modes out there. If you haven't had chance to try it yet, or if you would like a little help getting your head around some of the more technical features, please do check out my in-depth photo mode review where I run you through the Basic & Advanced features and take a look at exactly what you can do with them.

Ongoing Anniversary Celebrations:

To get you in the mood first of all, why not check out the special edition issue of The PhotoMode digital art magazine dedicated entirely to Days Gone. With 60 pages full of photo mode captures from the virtual photography community to browse, the issue also features a great interview with Bend Studio Community Specialist Kevin McAllister and photo mode creator Rodney Houle.


Should you want to get more actively involved though, there are a couple of live events just ready and waiting for your entries. Having opened on the 10th May, VPCONTEXT are inviting submissions of Days Gone work to be considered for the 3D Anniversary Exhibition. Displaying a curated collection of virtual photography in a beautiful art gallery, this his virtual space will be available between the 29th may and 18th June, so be sure to get your entries in by using the hashtag #VPCDaysGone on twitter by the May 24th.


Finally, we have the main event; the official Days Gone photo mode contest from Bend Studio themselves. Open to US residents over the age of 17 until the 26th May, Bend are looking for your best photo mode shots for a chance to win one of three prize bundles including:

  • The Art of Days Gone Book

  • Days Gone T-Shirts

  • Days Gone Beanies

  • Days Gone Posters

I have the privilege of helping to select the finalists along with The PhotoMode Magazine, and the eventual winners will then be picked out by the team at Bend Studio. This will include Technical Game Designer & photo mode creator Rodney Houle, Lead Designer Eric Jensen and Online Community Specialist Kevin McAllister, so be sure to get your very best work in to impress them before the closing date above.

To take part, simply submit your shots on Twitter or Instagram using the #DaysGoneContest hashtag. For more detailed information and to check the full rules, go to


Days Gone PC:

If you happen to be still waiting to experience the world of Days Gone, there will soon be more ways than ever to dive into the game as it is set to make its way to PC this month. As of the 18th May, you'll be able to enjoy Bend's epic biking adventure in super-resolution mode with enhanced levels of detail and draw distance, as well as an unlocked frame rate and ultra-wide display support to give you the very best chance against the hordes.

However you choose to do it, get out there on the Broken Road and celebrate the last two years of Days Gone.

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James Rhodes
James Rhodes
May 13, 2021

Please tell me a Days Gone is coming!! I’ve Loved this game soo much and really want to know/see more into the future!!

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