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The VP Awards 2020 are now live; head over to the landing page to start voting or to find out how to enter your images for the Virtual Photograph of the Year awards.

2020 marks the start of something new for the virtual photography space with the first annual VP awards ceremony.

By bringing together players, photographers and community leaders from across the globe, the inaugural "Virtual Photography Awards 2020" will give some recognition to the very best in consumer video game photo modes and celebrate the enormous talent that has been drawn out from the gaming communities through virtual photography and capture art.

Things are bound to evolve in the future but this year, the awards are starting off with twelve categories across two main sections:



Decided by a public vote, the industry award categories recognise the best contributions from development studios and their games over the past year. Each category will include a shortlist of prominent suggestions, but the winner is ultimately up to you. If your preferred nominee is not listed, simply submit another yourself once the voting opens.

Game Industry Photo Mode Award Categories:

  • Best Photo Mode

  • Most Innovative Photo Mode Feature

  • Best Lighting

  • Best Photographic Subject

  • Best Community Support

  • Most Anticipated

  • Benchmark Award



Open to public submission and decided by an panel of international judges, the virtual photograph of the year awards celebrate the outstanding individual images that are captured by virtual photographers around the world. Once the start date is announced, virtual photographers of all abilities will be invited to submit their very best shots across five categories.

Virtual Photograph of the Year Categories:

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

  • Abstract

  • Action

  • Urban



The Virtual Photography Awards are brought to you by TheFourthFocus, but this is not something I could (or would want to) do alone. Consisting of experienced capture artists, community leaders and renowned photographers from across three continents, the VP Awards Partners provide invaluable input into selecting the industry category nominees and will be here to judge the public entries for the Virtual Photograph of the Year winners.


Art Director, freelance photographer & author of cyberpunk-inspired TO:KY:OO, Liam is one of the most influential and highly acclaimed urban photographers on the planet.


Multi Award winner and Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018, Pete is also known for a short documentary on how real life photography translates into using the photo mode of Death Stranding.


Where virtual photographers come to feel like family. Hosting regular virtual photography stream on Twitch, The Gametographers also put together an annual fundraising event for the Extra Life Fund.


An all inclusive virtual photography community and publisher of the monthly digital magazine "The PhotoMode" that lets you learn more about the artists behind the work.


Hosts of a curated virtual art exhibit & the new "VM" digital magazine, VPCONTEXT are bringing together communities across the world by helping to establish the art of virtual photography in Japan & Asia.


The inaugural Virtual Photography Awards 2020 are coming soon and more information will follow but we still have some last minute arrangements to take care of. Stay tuned to and subscribe to the fortnightly newsletter for all the latest updates on the VP Awards and more.

I can't wait to get things started and, if you have anything you'd like to say, I would love to hear your thoughts, so drop them in the comments below or on Twitter.

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