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Title: Ghost of Tsushima

Developer: Sucker Punch | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Initial Release: 17th July 2020

The samurai of feudal Japan wore masks, known as men-yoroi, as part of their armour set that would cover the whole, or lower the lower part of the face to fit with a larger helmet. While offering protection in battle, the intricate masks were also designed to intimidate and would often feature demonic faces, fierce teeth and imposing features. Of course, Ghost of Tsushima is fully equipped with a wide variety of masks that can be worn by Jin and this gallery, entitle Masks of Tsushima, covers the 18 masks that are available in the single-player game.


Sakai Mask:

Obtained during Act II – Main Quest: Ghosts from the Past.

Sakai Mask
"Worn by the greatest samurai of the Sakai clan"

Guardian's Scowl:

Obtained from the Golden Temple Gift Altar.

Guardian's Scowl
"Created for wrathful guardians of Tsushima"

Skeletal Vengeance:

Found during Act III at the Stonecutter's Village in the Jogaku Prefecture.

Skeletal Vengeance
"A grim reminder that death lurks everywhere"

Glowering Warrior:

Obtained from the Golden Temple Gift Altar.

Glowering Warrior
"Crafted for a proud samurai of Tsushima"

Avenging Lord:

Obtained from the Golden Temple Gift Altar.

Avenging Lord
"Worn by a lord whose brutality was infamous"

Purity of War:

Obtained by completing Mythic Tale: The Undying Flame.

Purity of War
"A warrior's unswerving resolution will bring victory"

Wolf of Tsushima:

Acquired by completing all 49 Fox Dens / Inari Shrines.

Wolf of Tsushima
"A deadly hunter, whether alone or with allies"

Nasu Baba's Wrath:

Obtained from the Golden Temple Gift Altar.

Nasu Baba's Wrath
"Demonic visage for a fearsome warrior"

Ivory of Woe:

Found during Act III near a house house at Kubara Crossing in the Kin Prefecture

Ivory of Woe
"An indomitable lord emerges from Tsushima's clans"

Venerable Spirit:

Obtained from the Golden Temple Gift Altar.

Venerable Spirit
"Worn by warriors who have earned respect"

Sacred Mountain Messenger:

Acquired by completing all 16 Bamboo Strikes.

Sacred Mountain Messenger
"True warrior and servant of the mountain Kami"

Gosaku's Visage:

Obtained during Act II – Mythic Tale: The Unbreakable Gosaku. Requires upgraded Gosaku Armour.

Gosaku's Visage
"The face of Gosaku, who feared no-one and defended all"

Shattered Mask of Tomoe:

Obtained during Act II – Side Tale: Laid to Rest (Ishikawa Tale 9 of 9).

Shattered Mask of Tomoe
"Worn by a legendary archer, once an enemy, but no longer..."

Conqueror's Mask:

Obtained during Act III – Side Tale: Fit for the Khan.

Conqueror's Mask
"Worn by high-ranking Mongol warriors and leaders"

Samurai Clan Mask:

Obtained during Act I – Main Quest: The Tale of Lady Masako. Requires upgraded Samurai Clan Armour.

Samurai Clan Mask
"Traditional mask worn by the samurai of Tsushima"

Kijin's Blood:

Obtained from the Golden Temple Gift Altar.

Kijin's Blood
"Tsushima's avenging demon"

Seiryuu's Glare:

Found during Act II at a workshop in Sago Mill of the Sago Prefecture.

Seiryuu's Glare
"For a warrior with the heart of a dragon"

Ghost Mask:

Obtained during Act II – Main Quest: From the Darkness.

Ghost Mask
"Inspired by the Sakai Mask, created for the Ghost by a good friend"

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