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ℹ️ - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Action Figure Update

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PS5

Initial Release: 20th October 2023


Before Spider-Man was all about big budget films and even bigger budget video games, there was a time when comic books, cartoons, and action figures were where you'd find the Lycra-clad hero. Who would have thought then, that Insomniac Games would bring some of that nostalgia right back into the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 photo mode with the new Action Figure Mode.


It's a similar idea to Gran Turismo 7's Tomica toy Scapes where the clever use of scale makes the normally full-sized models appear to be super high-quality miniatures, only this time the models are actually made tiny. Simply shrink down Spider-Man and have some fun with perspective in his now gigantic surroundings.

To do this you'll first need to make sure you have downloaded the latest update; in case you're wondering, it's the one that also includes New Game+, Ultimate Levels, and the ability to replay missions, so no more need to keep hoarding saves just to revisit certain battles and bosses.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Action Figure


In the photo mode, you'll find the action figure option on the Character Mode tab. Just enable posing first and then turn on Action Figure Mode to go miniature – it could hardly be any easier. Of course, merely making the character small doesn't necessarily make the sense of scale and perspective work, so you'll have to do a bit more to achieve that.

Properly positioning the character is crucial to complete the illusion, and there are a few more new features to help. Along with the option to rotate the character that was already in the photo mode, there are now sliders to move them forward, backwards, left, right, up, and down. These make a huge difference when placing your miniature but can be used at any time as they will work with the full-sized character too.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Action Figure


One thing you might notice is that the 3-point lighting rigs also appear to be enormous next to the little models, especially when zoomed in close, so be sure to make use of the secondary camera while in Lighting Mode. It has been renamed to "Temporary" in this update to better communicate the fact that you can move this camera around without messing up the main composition.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Action Figure


This is a fun update and one that adds both useful and novelty features. There are a few new stickers in there somewhere, and it's now possible to increase or decrease the amount of damage on Spidey's suit. You can also unlock the ability to change the time of day via the Gameplay Settings, though you do need to have completed the story first.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Action Figure


Yeah, I still don't have that option then. I mean, I managed to finally finish the original game last year, so by 2028 at the latest, that time of day setting will be all mine!

Full Patch Notes: v1.002.000

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