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Title: Hitman 3

Developer: IO Interactive | Publisher: IO Interactive | Initial Release: 20th January 2021

Agent 47 is soon to return in IO Interactive's latest stealth assassination title, Hitman 3, and there has been some anticipation that this time players may be able to shoot things with a camera as well as a gun. Though the eighth main series entry, Hitman 3 follows on from the 2016 Hitman reboot and 2018's Hitman 2 as the third entry in the "World of Assassination" trilogy.

Now, expectation of a photo mode is a pretty standard thing for most big releases these days, but some virtual photographers have had their eyes on this particular title since IOI creative director, Mattias Engström, teased a "new camera" when talking to PlayStation Official Magazine back in Issue 178 late last year.

"One great example of how new items in Hitman 3 can be used across all three games is our new camera. You can take it with you back to the locations from Hitman 1 and 2 – but it will have some really unique and cool functions that are only possible in Hitman 3 locations."

Mattias Engström, IO Interactive Creative Director

This definitely didn't sound like a regular photo mode implementation, and the fact that certain aspects of its behaviour are dependent on Hitman 3 locations seems to suggest that there are gameplay mechanics involved, but it was not unreasonable to hope that the "unique and cool" camera features would also include some creative options. Well, that speculation has all but come to an end now as Game Informer's exclusive video takes a closer look at the game's new multifunction camera.


Described as an "essential tool for professional and playful means", the camera is demonstrated in a gameplay capacity to hack locked doors gain additional intel on the mission location, or provide evidence of completed objectives. We even get a quick look at the camera in-hand via a window reflection and can see a typical compact camera design.


The "point-and-shoot" nickname of such devices may be quite appropriate here as, aside from zoon, depth of field and some basic preset filters, the camera tool doesn't include any other creative options that you may expect from a modern photo mode.

Perhaps that will be enough to interest some people, with fewer settings to distract from the shot itself, but it does seem like something of a missed opportunity. The main limitation in my opinion is likely to be in camera positioning; along with lighting, composition can be considered as the most important part of any photograph and with nothing more than a little pan & tilt from a hand-held position, I don't see the Hitman 3 camera nailing many creative contracts.

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