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It is fair to say that Gran Turismo is generally quite a serious affair, what with all its hyper-realistic visuals, accurate driving physics, and simulated weather & track conditions, not to mention the competitive annual World Championships. Even the photo mode tools are a fairly formal take on virtual photography with authentic camera settings and a set of post-process editing options that are as complex as they are capable.

That makes it all the more interesting then, when the team at Polyphony Digital decide to let their hair down a little and inject something with a bit of extra fun. Something they have just done with Gran Turismo 7's latest 1.19 update...

Patch 1.19 Highlights


Along with a few new Café Menus and 3 more iconic cars to spend a few million Cr. on, the update adds several new Scapes locations. It is not something the game is short of, with over 2,500 of the various photographic spots already available and even more added in previous updates, but the difference this time is that the new locations include a trip to the toy land of "Tomica Town"!

- HONDA // NSX -

As the Japanese equivalent of Matchbox or Hot Wheels, Tomica are famous for their high quality die-cast model cars and playsets that capture the imagination of children and even adult collectors, and now you can add any car from your GT7 garage to that collection by dropping them into the 15 new toy town locations via the game's Scapes mode.

I did initially wonder whether the full-scale, high fidelity cars of Gran Turismo would properly translate to a small scale environment, especially with some actual toy cars being visible alongside, but it seems as though Polyphony have applied their usual level of care and attention to ensure that things look just right together.

Revisit that childhood wonder...

With just the right amount of scaling on the shadows underneath each car, and the apparent size of nearby light reflections being quite large on the body and windscreens of the cars that you place, the in-game models look convincingly miniature in their newly found tiny surroundings.


It's not quite anything as expansive as the LEGO and Hot Wheels DLC packs that we have seen with recent Forza Horizon releases, and there is obviously a limit to how much can be done with scenes that are so full of other cars, but it is a chance to have a little fun. A chance to revisit that childhood wonder and enjoy some of the most detailed and most exotic model cars imaginable.

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