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February's 1.29 update is one of Gran Turismo 7's biggest yet, and not just because the install size on PS5 now tips the scales at 111.5 GB! Along with 5 new cars and the return of the classic Grand Valley circuit, some major technological changes add support for the entire game is PS VR2 and give the first look at Polyphony's advanced "autonomous racing agent" and virtually unbeatable AI, GT Sophy.

Photo mode remains a huge part of the game too and, even after winning the Best Photo Mode award for 2022, it is great to see some neat new tricks and innovative features being added to Scapes to keep the momentum going.

Patch 1.29 Highlights


The headline update is the all new Drift Photography Mode which, as the name suggests is all about creating a sense of drifting in your photographs. It's an evolution of the pre-existing Panning Shot feature really but, whereas that was confined to adding motion in the direction that the steering wheels are facing, you now get total control over the direction and angle of the motion blur.


With an intuitive UI arrow that shows exactly the direction an curvature of travel that will be simulated for the car, and the steering angle able to be adjusted separately, it is easy to create some sideways action or even do a few donuts. The smoke is optional by the way and can be added to the front and / or rear wheels and tweaked in colour for if you are burning rubber on tarmac or kicking up dust off-road.


Next up is a feature that addresses one of Scapes mode's biggest failings due to its nature as pseudo-3D environments – the lack of camera height adjustment. It is actually a huge part of car photography and can dramatically change the look and stance of a vehicle, so this is a particularly welcome addition.

It is not available on all of the >2,500 locations, but there are 200 currently available and a new filter lets you easily discover them. It's simple, very effective and can make the difference between an uninteresting view over the top of a car and getting down to ground level for a much more purposeful composition.



Tucked away elsewhere in the Detailed Settings of the car tab, you can also now choose to add some red hot heat glow the the front and rear brake discs, though it doesn't seem like Polyphony Digital will be putting the brakes on Gran Turismo 7 any time soon.

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