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By now, everyone is well used to seeing games receive updates after their initial release. Sometimes these are small updates to fix bugs, and other times they are more major with new features and expansions. What is still less common though, is seeing photo modes get big updates of their own, but that is starting to happen more and more.

Following post-launch improvements to the Horizon Forbidden West photo mode from Guerrilla Games, and Ember Lab's huge upgrade to the one in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it is now Tango Gameworks who have done the same for Ghostwire: Tokyo.


With what was previously a very basic photo mode, the Tokyo-set paranormal action adventure featured little other than limited camera movement, a couple of filters, and some character emotes. The latest update changes all that though with a completely redesigned photo mode, and even a rather stylish reveal trailer to go with it.


You get the sense that the features included at launch were the bare minimum needed to include some sort of photo mode, and perhaps the only ones that were ready at the time. With this update, it seems fair to say that the game now has something that is much more of the studio's vision of what they would want to include for virtual photographers.

From the shortcut button and new tabbed UI to the camera itself, everything has been improved. Manual focus and aperture settings bring depth of field control, and what was literally just a pair of B&W and sepia filers before is now a rich set of colour toning options that include white balance, hue, saturation, and even time of day adjustment.

A massive overhaul that improves every area...

In similar fashion, the few character emotes have been replaced with a whole tab that includes custom character X / Y placement & rotation, animated poses, and the ability to frame advance the animation of the main character, enemies and NPC's. Facial expressions and a "look at camera" toggle top off what is clearly a massive overhaul that improves every area of what was there before.

I'm sure Tokyo Gameworks and Bethesda will be keen to see what people do with these new options and, with Halloween fast approaching, Ghostwire Tokyo is a great chance to add some paranormal and spooky shots to your collections.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Photo Mode Update - Full Patch Notes -

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