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Celebrating the outstanding individual images captured by digital artists everywhere, submissions for Virtual Photographer of the Year 2023 are now open:


Virtual photographers of all abilities are invited to submit their very best shots across 6 thematic categories. Entries can be made by replying to the appropriate social media thread, or directly via the category entry forms below.

  • 1 entry per category per person

  • Entries close Dec 31st 23:59 GMT

  • Open to all territories

  • Category winners selected by an expert Judging Panel

  • Got questions? Check out the FAQ

Close-Up 1 Environment.webp
Close-Up 1 Environment.webp


Broad interpretations of the varied and wonderful virtual worlds of video games. This category welcomes anything from traditional landscapes and nature to urban areas and fantasy worlds.

Close-Up 2 Creative.webp
Close-Up 2 Creative.webp


An open category that allows more artistic creations, whether through extensive edits, composite images or imaginative digital artworks using in-game captures.

Close-Up 3 Detail.webp
Close-Up 3 Detail.webp


Whether close-up shots of in-game models, or things that are easily overlooked, use your eye for detail and capture the finer elements that make for a believable virtual world.

Close-Up 4 Portrait.webp
Close-Up 4 Portrait.webp


Shots that focus on a single or small group of characters as the subject, and that convey a sense of personality, emotion or other connection to the viewer.

Close-Up 5 Action.webp
Close-Up 5 Action.webp


Anything from movement and combat to sports and racing, action shots should look to capture motion and excitement in a single frame.

Close-Up 6 Abstract.webp
Category 6 Abstract.jpg


Experimental, obscure and conceptual shots that don't rely on traditional techniques. Abstract images may give a different or unusual perspective and remove a subject from the context of its surroundings.

Close-Up 0 Industry.webp


Category winners will be presented with a personalised virtual award trophy and an exciting prize bundle courtesy of this year's award partners.

Each category winner receives:

  • Personalised Virtual Award

  • 12 month Flickr Pro subscription

As well as one of the following:​

  • 12" x 28" Horizon Forbidden West print - numbered with CofA (2 available)​

  • The Art and Making of Control art book & Control soundtrack CD (2 available)

  • Death Stranding Day 1 Ltd Edition game & The Art of Death Stranding art book (2 available)

One category winner will also be chosen as the overall winner and will also receive:

  • 12 month subscription to Ubisoft+ Multi Access

  • Poster print of their winning image


- When can I enter?

Entries are open from 14th Dec 2023 and close on 31st Dec 2023 at 23:59 GMT

- I missed the deadline, can I still enter?

Entries submitted after 23:59 GMT on 31st Dec 2023 will not be included


- How do I enter?

Entries can be made via the category entry forms or by replying to the appropriate social media thread


- Do I need to use a hashtag to enter on social media?

While you are welcome to use #TheVPAwards, no hashtag is required on social media entries

- How many images can I enter?

You can enter up to 1 image per category; it is not necessary to enter all categories. If multiple entries are received in one category, only the final entry in each category will be considered valid

- Can I withdraw my entries?

Entries via social media posts may be withdrawn by deleting public posts; entries made via web forms cannot be deleted, though can be replaced by a subsequent entry. Only the final entry will be considered valid


- Do my entries have to be from a game that released in 2023?

No, you are free to enter shots from any game you like

- Do my entries have to be taken in 2023?

There are currently no restrictions on the date that images were captured 

- Does it matter what hardware I use to capture my shots?

No, just like using different cameras, your virtual photographs can be captured on devices including home consoles and PC

- Are PC camera tools allowed?

Yes, the awards are looking for outstanding individual images that demonstrate creative and artistic use of any virtual photography tools

- Are mods and glitches allowed?

You are free to take advantage of any in-game behaviour that helps to achieve your creative vision

- Are edited images allowed?

Minor edits, image optimisations, and crops are a normal part of the photographic process and are permitted in the following photographic categories: ENVIRONMENT, DETAIL, PORTRAIT, ACTION, ABSTRACT


- Where can I enter heavily edited images?

Entries that contain heavily edited content, composite images or other digital art using in-game captures may be entered into the CREATIVE category

- How are the winners chosen?

Entries will be judged in two stages with an impartial panel of international judges. Winners will be chosen on artistic merit, technical ability and interpretation of the theme. [ Meet the judging panel ]

- Do I need to be an experienced virtual photographer to enter?

No, people of all skill levels are encouraged to take part

- Do I need lots of followers or "likes" to win?

Every image will be judged on merit with no regard for popularity on social media

- Can I enter someone else's image?

No, entries must be your own work. Any entries found to be plagiarised will be disqualified

- Can I enter captures of a cinematic cutscene?

A cutscene capture without original composition would be considered a copy of the original on-screen presentation and as such does not qualify for the virtual photography awards. [ Copyright Ownership Guide ]

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