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Celebrating the outstanding individual images that are captured by digital artists everywhere, The 2020 VP Awards invited virtual photographers of all abilities to submit their very best shots across 5 main categories.

Every entry has now been reviewed and narrowed down to a shortlist of 12 finalists per category. Check the gallery links below to see the shots that have made it into the final round based on artistic merit, technical ability and interpretation of the category theme.


Finalists and winners are chosen by an impartial two-stage judging panel consisting of experienced capture artists, community leaders and world-renowned photographers. Simply put, The VP Awards are here to recognise the art and not the popularity. [ Meet the panel members ]

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View Abstract Finalists

Experimental, obscure and conceptual shots that don't rely on traditional techniques. Abstract images may not have an immediately obvious connection to any particular subject. 

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View Action Finalists

Anything from movement and combat to sports and racing, action shots should look to capture movement in a single frame. 

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View Landscape Finalists

Broad interpretations of the varied and wonderful virtual worlds of video games. This category welcomes anything from plants and forests to moonscapes and other worlds.


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View Portrait Finalists

Shots that focus on a single or small group of characters as the subject, and that convey a sense of personality, emotion or other connection to the viewer.


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View Urban Finalists

The photography of virtual buildings, cities and other built-up areas with a focus on architectural design and urban lifestyle.


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For the first annual Virtual Photography Awards, it seemed fitting to have a virtual trophy to present to the winners. Each winner will receive an animated accolade with which to proudly display their victory along with the exceptional kudos of being named best in category for 2020 of course.

Virtual Photograph of the Year winners will also receive a copy of Topaz Studio 2, courtesy of Topaz Studio.

Winners will be announced in early January 2021, both on this page and across social media.

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