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Welcome to the new version of!

It's almost 2 years since the initial launch when this site was nothing more than a personal portfolio, created to share a small collection of my video game photo mode captures. Since then, the art of capturing images from games has grown into the increasingly popular medium of virtual photography and the photo modes that we know and love have grown too, offering more tools and creativity for the artistically talented players.

It seemed necessary then that should grow along side and 11 months ago I updated the layout to bring you a new section full of free wallpapers to download in HD and 4K resolution. This quickly became the most viewed section of the site but progress since then has been slow, too slow and it's time for a change.

So here we are with a complete rebuild of every aspect of the website and a whole host of new features. The individual game galleries are still here but now include like and share buttons plus improved lightbox and full screen views while the 4K wallpapers are still totally free and now even easier to download.

But that's not all, there's also a new Competitions page where you can find the chance to enter your own virtual photography shots to win prizes and of course, there is this blog where I hope to bring you lots more content including virtual photography features & tips, a closer look at individual shots, reviews & technical analysis and all you need to know about me and TheFourthFocus.

Thank you for reading, here's to the future.


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