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Eresys Photo Mode Update

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The weird science and horror style of H.P. Lovecraft is one so distinct that it formed an entire subgenre of fiction. Avid fans are seemingly never sated with enough literature, film, comics, or games, so it stands to reason that a Lovecraftian game with a photo mode should find a keen (if relatively small) fanbase amongst virtual photographers.

That's certainly what Greece-based development studio Dragonis Games thinks anyway. Last year, they updated their earlier Cthulhu-inspired title, The Shore, to include a photo mode, and now they are doing the same with Eresys which receives a photo mode in it v0.6.8 update.


With all of the darkness, disturbing rituals, and tentacles that you would expect from the Lovecraftian universe, Eresys sees you stranded on a remote island to deal with the acts of an irresponsible cultist. Eliminating an ominous portal and whatever might emerge from it is intended to be a co-op experience, something that isn't often married to a photo mode, but that hasn't stopped the studio from giving in-game photographers what they need.


When playing solo, the photo mode will freeze the game as normal, while in multiplayer the action continues so it doesn't spoil things for anyone else. It's a simple enough solution and gives players access to a free camera with zoom and a range of movement speeds to help get the composition right, as well as a selection of settings to tweak the resulting images.

An auto-focus option pairs with a depth of field slider to define subjects, and the on-screen UI includes most of the essentials. Exposure and contrast, colour toning options, plus vignette and film grain are all available to help capture the atmosphere of the low-light scenes in what is a very dark game.

Eresys Photo Mode UI


If you are a fan of the Lovecraft brand of fiction then, and fancy shooting some tentacles in the dark, be sure to check out Eresys which is available now on PC, along with the free photo mode update. The same goes for The Shore actually, which shares all of the same camera options and sucker-laden extremities, and has a bit more light to play with too.

Eresys Cthulhu Spawn

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